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(Including Collections, Credit, Recovery, Underwriting, and Legal)

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The 20/20 Information™ Service Strategy is to:

  • Do so as EFFICIENTLY as possible, and make MAXIMUM EFFECTIVE USE of YOUR BUDGET.

20/20 Information™ combines CORE PRINCIPLES with our EXPERIENCE and SPECIALIZED ABILITIES to fulfill this strategy:

Fundamentally, practical experience and relevant ability is the foundation of exceptional performance:

  • Experience & Ability
  • Experience & Ability

    20/20 Information Inc. is a licensed investigation firm in Canada. Established in Ontario in 1998, it is founded on 25 YEARS OF INVESTIGATION EXPERIENCE.

    Our experience and ability—combined with all the other service strategy principles—allow us to provide you precisely honed services.

    20/20 Information™ is performance-based and results-driven, and our experience and ability is the cornerstone.

  • Precisely Honed Services
  • Precisely Honed Services

    20/20 Information™ does not provide services in any areas unless we are 100% proficient in those services.

    Nascent investigation firms—or “assembly line” firms—interested only in revenue may take every assignment available to them, and either sub-contract them to 3rd parties unbeknownst to you, or otherwise attempt to provide those services without having mastered the required abilities.

    In either case, you end up with sub-par results and higher costs—and possibly be put at serious risk on multiple levels.

    With 20/20 Information Inc. you ALWAYS benefit from the results our proficiency delivers.

  • Specialization
  • Specialization

    20/20 Information™ specializes in some traditional investigation services as well as some revolutionary and proprietary services for specific types of institutions.

    We do not try to be everything to everyone, and we do not outsource to third parties—ever.

    Our specialization combined with our experience and ability and our principles protects your interests and delivers you consistently reliable results.

  • Performance‑Based. Results‑Driven.
  • Performance‑Based. Results‑Driven.

    All of the principles of our service strategy are designed to deliver you consistent high-quality results, and maintain that performance over the course of the relationship.

    We never let a strong working relationship with you soften our desire to give you consistently high performance. We value relationships and do not take them for granted.

    Our Service Strategy combines tangible qualities that result in consistently high performance. But it also involves a fundamental desire to render those services to our maximum ability and not become placid.

  • Our Skilled Team
  • Our Skilled Team

    20/20 Information™ employs only people who are highly competent in their assigned tasks.

    We are a closely-bonded team of individuals, with everyone on our team considered equal and critical.

    No one is mistreated, taken for granted, or overworked. And our team members are the highest paid investigators anywhere in Canada – without this inflating our fees to you.

    20/20 is also an equal opportunity employer, with gender and ethnic diversity.

    Who is going to provide you better results—over-worked, under-appreciated and underpaid “employees” or highly motivated, highly paid and highly diligent members of a cohesive team?

Experience and ability notwithstanding, delivering you meaningful information and effective results requires clear, concise reporting. Meaningful information provides you actionable intelligence—information you can use to make informed, effective and confident decisions:

  • Meaningful Information
  • Meaningful Information

    Meaningful information is information that is factual, objective and comprehensive— completely unbiased.

    Collecting meaningful information is dependent on effective communication with you about your needs, the careful preparation and planning to fulfill those needs, and then the competent execution of the investigation to deliver you maximum results as cost-effectively as possible.

    Information can only be meaningful if it is the truth—not skewed one way or another—so that you can make an accurate assessment and formulate the most effective plan of action possible.

  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Actionable Intelligence

    Actionable Intelligence is information you can use to make informed, confident decisions.

    It is predicated on Meaningful Information—which then must be vetted, analyzed, and processed into a plan of action based on the resulting facts.

    Actionable Intelligence is therefore the proactive part of the collection and digestion of the meaningful information.

    Actionable Intelligence is the core purpose of any investigation. Without it, the investigation itself is worthless.

  • Meticulous & Effective Reporting
  • Meticulous & Effective Reporting

    No matter how well-conducted an investigation, the results are only useful if the reporting is effective.

    Effective reporting requires that facts are conveyed to you concisely and coherently.

    And—in the case of the investigation resulting in evidentiary information—the report must be meticulously crafted to stand up to legal challenges made by your opposition.

    20/20 Information™ generates reports based on factual information resulting from effective investigations in specialized service areas—conducted by skilled and experienced investigators.

    The result is Meaningful Information and Actionable Intelligence—information you can use to make informed and confident decisions.

Sometimes, intangible human spirit qualities mean the difference between success and failure:

  • Diligence & Perseverance
  • Diligence & Perseverance

    Sometimes an investigation is straightforward and without complications.

    But sometimes, difficult circumstances such as sophisticated or wary subjects of investigation, organized crime involvement, or physical or legal obstacles can create barriers to fast and easy results.

    In those cases, it is diligence and perseverance that can mean the difference between success and failure.

    20/20 Information™ NEVER closes a case until it is successfully resolved. Successful resolution means that we developed meaningful information and conveyed it to you effectively—so that you can make informed and confident decisions based on unbiased facts.

  • Consistent High Performance
  • Consistent High Performance

    Consistent high performance is dependent on all of the 20/20 Information™ principles, but it is also dependent on us at 20/20 having self-awareness of our performance.

    Doing this requires honest self-assessment and the discipline to maintain the principles.

    It also means not taking for granted our relationships with you—our client—or with our team or vendors, contacts and so forth.

    Our objective is to perform for you at the highest levels possible—while protecting your interests and objectives—and do so at all times.

Results must be provided to you in such a way as to not only make the information provided to you beneficial – but to also give you a consistent positive experience:

  • Responsiveness
  • Responsiveness

    20/20 Information™ is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to respond to your needs—whether they be questions related to your investigations, special instructions, urgent needs or otherwise the need to communicate..

    Also, if you need to react to a sudden and unexpected event—such as an anonymous tip—we are always ready, willing and able to respond and capitalize on the investigation opportunity.

    You do not need to rely on reception services, the relaying of messages, voicemail or other arms-length communication—We are always readily available for communication.

    Responsiveness and personalized service is one of the many intangible benefits we offer you—benefits that are extremely valuable both to the success of your investigations and to your personal efficiency and positive experience.

  • Customized Service
  • Customized Service

    20/20 Information™ is not an “assembly line” agency where your investigation needs are put into a queue and considered “just another assignment”.

    Furthermore, we are sure to accommodate your specific needs, personal or institution preferences or other requirements of the investigation, and factor these into the investigation plan.

    Every assignment we handle for you is treated as though it is our first assignment for you—with all the careful review, meticulous preparation and passion for effective results poured into it.

All of these principles are ultimately designed to protect yours’ and your institutions’ most important interests – without sacrificing the consistent high quality of performance and results:

  • Maximum Effective Use of Your Budget
  • Maximum Effective Use of Your Budget


    Do so as EFFICIENTLY as possible.

    Always maintain the protection of your interests while doing so.

    All of the principles of our Service Strategy are designed to achieve this – and to sustain it at the highest level over the entire term of our relationship with you.

  • Discretion & Confidentiality
  • Discretion & Confidentiality

    Our maintaining the confidentiality both of you as a client and of your investigations and interests is absolute.

    Similarly, protecting the discretion and secrecy of our investigations into your matters of interest is critical not only for your and your institutions’ interests, but also to the success of any investigation.

    Discretion and confidentiality are critical not only to maximizing the effective use of your budget, but also for the protection of your interests.

  • Protection of Your Interests
  • Protection of Your Interests

    20/20 Information Inc. is licensed in Ontario as a private investigation agency.

    It has “Investigative Body Status” under PIPED and is fully PIPEDA and PRIVACY COMPLIANT under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    While providing you meaningful information, we simultaneously protect:

    Your legal liability, public image and reputational risk.

    The safety and privacy of the public.

    Your confidentiality, anonymity and the discretion of your investigations and objectives.

    Collecting evidence legally is fundamental to an effective investigation and a productive relationship with our clients. 20/20 Information™ does not engage in illegal activity nor do we jeopardize your interests with careless actions.